#1014 – take me out to the ballgame…

went to the orioles baseball game tonight with mom, dad, and kelly. my uncle ed had tickets from work but wasn’t able to use them, so he gave them to us to use ^_^ really good seats, too – we were in left-hand field, three rows back from the wall in section 82. probably got on tv a few times considering the several balls hit by and in that section – a few home runs were hit into our section, as well as a few of the balls hit during batting practice as well. it was a really good game (even though it was pretty quick) because at first it seemed as if we would win, but then the indians pulled ahead – the game ended up going to extra innings and we won in the 10th. ^^

i sent a text message to tony the temp (the other guy who does the same job i do) telling him where we were sitting in case anybody in the store got a chance to see the game tonight, hehe. i also mentioned to him how i noticed a lot of verizon wireless ads throughout the park (which seemed strange to me, considering the orioles are owned by a lawyer named peter angelos, who is currently suing the cellular industry saying that cell phones give you “the brain damage” from “radiation” 😛 i guess he just wants to have his cake and eat it too…). i also messaged him about a conversation i had with my dad at the game:

me: “y’know, i ought to apply to be a baseball umpire” ^_^

dad: “hahaha” ^^

me: “i’m serious! i stand around and get yelled at all day anyways – why not take in a free baseball game at the same time?” ^_^

dad: “and if you’re an umpire, if someone yells at you too much, you get to toss them out of the stadium!” >:D

me: “YAY!” XD

dad: “let’s just forget all about umbc, then, and send you off to ump-school in florida!”

tony liked that idea of us working as umpires and getting umpire uniforms and told me to get him an application, lol. ^_^

we also all talked about how dad’s been looking into getting himself a motorcycle (for the past few months, apparently O_o) – mom kept saying how she didn’t want him to get one and it would be all dangerous and all, and said when he gets it he must take out a bunch of life insurance so she’ll get rich when he crashes, lol. apparently the one he wants to get was about $600, and is a year newer and the same model as the one that he had in college. mom asked why doesn’t he want to get one that was rebuilt, and he said that if he got a rebuilt one they cost much more money, and they drop in value much quicker, while the $600 is already 35 years old and so it won’t really drop much in price over the next year or two. i think he said that the one he wants is a honda 305 superhawk or something like that… it’s the same one that steve mcqueen rode, and i told him about buying him “zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” and he said that this is the same motorcycle that’s in that book as well. apparently all he really wants it for is to tinker with it in the backyard and use it for things like riding from here to the library, stuff that he’d normally use his bicycle for anyways, hehe.

dad, kelly, and i are going back again tomorrow night since kelly was selling tickets as a fundraiser for her school. i’ll also have to get my hair cut tomorrow at 2 as well… ^^