#1013 – ok, so it's not the "good 'ol ps of the us" anymore, lol

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS?? i got the mail earlier today and seperated into “stuff for glenn” and “stuff for everyone else” – i got a letter from usairways with my frequent flyer card, a macworld magazine, and a macaddict magazine – and put all the “stuff for everyone else” in our little mail tray by our front door. one thing that i saw was this catalog that was about a quarter of an inch thick with pictures of kids playing outside and playing indoors with some parachute-like (remember using those back in elementary school in phys ed?) contraption, so i tossed it with the “stuff for everyone else” without even bothering to look at the address label.

dad just got home from work and looked through the mail, and comes to me with this catalog that we got saying “i don’t know why this is addressed to you, but it’s yours”, and hands me that catalog i placed in the “stuff for everyone else” category. it’s from some company called flaghouse, and it’s labeled “PHYSICAL EDUCATION & RECREATION

now WHY am i getting this? lol… it seems quite out of place for someone who also got two computer magazines in that same batch of mail… ^_^;;