yes indeed, here we are at st. alfonzo's pancake breakfast… and lunch…

yes indeed, here we are at st. alfonzo’s pancake breakfast… and lunch… and dinner

had a craving for pancakes late last night, this morning mom said that she had made some pancakes and fried them for breakfast, so i had pancakes for breakfast. then after the funeral about 8 or 9 of us went to ihop for lunch, so more pancakes then too.

i would have ended up having them for dinner too (dan and dave and i went to the double t diner for a dinner at 3 am), but i felt like having a cheeseburger instead. but at least i can say that all the meals i had on april 5, 2002 were made of pancakes. ^_^

the funeral was alright… saw a few people i haven’t seen in a year or so… as dan said, too bad we couldn’t have been meeting under happier circumstances… ^^;;;

dan and i also tried to get a cable for my playstation replaced ‘cos i got the warranty and the s-video plug on the cord had a pin that was really really badly bent out of shape. they didn’t have anything to replace it with at the electronics boutique store we went to, and they suggested trying to bend it back myself (i didn’t attempt this earlier because from the looks of things any bending would break the pin… dan tried bending it back when we got back to his place and it broke – surprise, surprise). we ended up going to babbages to see if they had any gameshark kits for the playstation, and though they did, i decided to take it in to get it modded before i purchased a gameshark for it. i got “soul blade” (the precursor to “soul calibur”) partly because it was used and therefore only about $15 (dan thinks i spent too much, but hey… i don’t have a dreamcast to play soul calibur on, and at least this has seung mina in it… :P~~~~~ <obsesses like any proper fanboy should…>)

dan wants to make traffic-ish signs that say “NO YAOI WITHIN 500 FEET – YURI ALWAYS PERMITTED” to carry around at anime conventions. i want one too… >:D

dropped off the playstation to be modded… should be ready for pickup after 3 pm tomorrow ^_^

picked dave up from his place and did ddr and other assorted games at dan’s place. then we headed back to annapolis for dinner at the double t and to go to my place. right now dave’s sleeping on the couch here in the den, dan’s on the couch in the living room, and i’m about to go to sleep to get a few hours of shuteye before pete comes over at about 11-noon to finish up his video…