there's one for you nineteen for me… 'cos i'm the taxman… yeahh, the taxman…

what a day in the wide world of sports… orioles beat the yanks 10-3…maryland wins the final four…

…and i don’t really care.

dan and tom dropped by my store today around noon to say hi since tom was going to be flying back to nashville this evening and we probably wouldn’t see him again until november. so i got them to go to mcdonalds, get some eats, and bring it all back to my store and we sat out front on a bench and had lunch. that was one highlight of my day

just as they left to get the eats two girls walked by, and i caught one of them checking me out over her friend’s shoulder as they walked by. ^_^ that was the other highlight of my day.

i sure lead a dull and uninteresting life, ne? ^_^;;

work was pretty fast. not too busy except for one or two periods of time. tomorrow i’m going to bring my digital camera to work with me because one of my managers is going to run three laps around the harbor center because we beat out three other stores in sales of data services, and so we get to harass him for fun when he passes by our store XD

i’ve been sitting here since i got home from work. i’m not really in that good of a mood. not really mad or unhappy, just, well, blah.

it’s probably ‘cos of the math i was figuring for the month to plan the rest of the spring/summer… and though i did my taxes, i still need to file them and forgot all about having to pay taxes this year too. stupid taxes. 😛