i’m feeling kinda subdued tonight… not really talkative. i’m bored and not tired enough to go to bed. i wanted to change my aim profile too and i couldn’t think of anything to put in there…


i was going all through my mp3 list and i couldn’t find any good song quotes that matched my mood tonight, either.

did ddr with dan today. we also went on a trip to find ddr: konamix, but the three places we checked (one babbage’s and two electronics boutiques) were either getting it in tomorrow or thursday. and today is the release date. bah. 😛 maybe i’ll try to get it after work tomorrow if i can get there before the stores close at the mall… not sure exactly when that is…

was asked three times tonight by three different people at three different places where i got the bubblegum crisis 2040 shirt i was wearing. i don’t think that’s ever happened to me with that many people or with this shirt before, lol.

*shrug* i guess i will go off to bed now… gotta go to work in the morning…

maybe i shouldn’t have been nursing this bottle of barq’s rootbeer for most of the night… it’s just been a steady stream of caffeine… ^^;;

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