let's drink a toast as each of us recalls ivy-covered professors in ivy-covered holes…

ok… here’s the plan for the week:

monday – wednesday:

     – work


     – drop by umbc to drop off my housing application (eee… this says it ought to be submitted by the 1st of april – tomorrow – but i’ll be putting it in on the 4th… and this says that recontracting info should be in by the 5th… i’m not recontracting, though… but thursday is the first day that i can drop it off so :P)

     – pete’ll probably come over either late today or tomorrow so he can finish up his video


     – probably go with dan to take my playstation in to creaturezone to have it modded so i can play imported/burned games


     – clean my room

     – look for a green blazer and/or long tan coat at the local thrift store per my plan XD

     – do more poking around for a pair of bunnyears, also for the plan XD


     – clean my room (yep, ‘cos it’ll probably take two days because it’s a big mess and i intend to go throught the entire place and toss out all sorts of old stuff that i’ve got floating around in there…)