i'll need a vacation from planning this vacation ^^;;

FOUL INTERNET EXPLORER! why must you crash on me? x_x;;;

ok, here’s what happened: i was poking around the megatokyo forums and looked up comic-con on there to see if anyone there would be attending. someone stated that the dates were july 31 – august 4. when i made my plane reservations, i could have sworn that the dates were august 8-11! i saw some dates somewhere for some event that was 8-11! i had it on my calendar as 8-11! ^^;;;;;;

so i figure, ok, i’ll exchange the tickets i got for the proper airline tickets, eat the fee for changing reservation, and that’ll be that.


the site tells me that the fees will be charged to my account. fine. but there was a little thing a while back called taxes that i had to write checks for, and while they haven’t been cashed yet, if they are cashed before i get my paycheck this coming thursday then i’m in trouble. ^^;;; (and my bank is down for maintenance at the moment so i can’t look up my account on there -_-;;) so i figure, hey, i’ll just gamble now and fill out the exchange stuff.

so it pops up this chat window type thingy where the computer talks to you about exchanging. i tell it my original confirmation code. i tell it to continue even though there’s a fee. i tell it to continue so it can charge my bank account.

then internet explorer, the bane of my existance, decides that now is a great time for it to take a nosedive. >_<;;;; so right now i'm thinking of leaving for work extra-early in the morning and going to the us airways ticket office which is around the corner from where i work so i can get everything all straightened out. or what i think i'll do instead is wait a few days and see what happens, and drop by the ticket office on thursday or friday when i get my paycheck. yeah, that's what i'll do. *checks his account balance over the phone* ok, i think i’ll be ok with the bank account… it’ll be close and require some luck, but hey… ^_^;;;

now what i’m worried about since it’s july 31-august 4 is that i’d only be able to work one day in the week of july 29 – august 4, leaving tony to work the other 6 days. that would mean that he’d have to work 55.5 hours in that week, and i’m not sure if my boss would let us pull that much overtime ^^;;; i may have to miss the preview day, but then that brings his hours worked down to 45 – much more reasonable ^_^;;

good things, though:

– at least this new ticket price is much lower than the other one that i found, and

– i’ll be in san diego on my 20th birthday (8/3/2002), so you better give me presents, muhahaha! ~_^

update: i just got a confirmation e-mail about the correct flight, so that went through, but it’s still showing the original flight i purchased in my itinerary. so i guess i will be dropping by the office tomrrow morning to talk to them about the tickets… ^_^;

update update: aha! i probably shouldn’t get in the habit of this, but there’s always the couple of thousand that i’ve socked away in my stock fund for fun to come to the rescue of my bank account ^_^;