anymore anymore cannot take it anymore gotta get away from this stone cold floor

i really like this song. i don’t mind nine inch nails’ songs – instrumentally i think they’re fantastic. but when they start singing then i don’t like them as much, lol.

trent reznor, shut up and play your damn guitar. learn a thing or two from frank zappa, lol.

that’s one thing that makes this song so cool… trent reznor with the rest of nine inch nails busting out the music, and freddie mercury with the rest of queen busting out the lyrics. ^_^

i’ve got an hour before i go off to work for the day. the rest of the family went to pappap’s place today to visit ‘cos he’s having a memorial mass for grandma since she died about 7 years ago this time of year (he has one every year), and everyone’s going to visit him for his birthday today too. so i’m home alone right now, which is one reason i’m able to bust out the funky musics.

i was brainstorming last night to try and think back to what band made this one song. i didn’t remember how the song went, what the name of the song was, the band that made the song, the anime that the song was set as a music video to, or whether i saw this music video at otakon or katsucon. all i remembered was that it was a short word for the band’s name, and the first letter in their name was a letter from the end of the alphabet, lol. eventually dan and i figured out that the band i was thinking of was the band “yes” with their song “heart of the sunrise”. i love the beginning of this song ^_^

dan also messaged me with this link while i was sleeping. perfect! now just to find ‘n order some bunnyears! ^-^

just under an hour before i’ve got to go to work… better get something to eat, then… ^_^