a tip & "redhead-day"

when you’re working for a company on a temp-to-hire basis, do not drive home with the manager’s keys to the store in your pocket. ^_^;;

he gave them to me so i could start grabbing accessories to stock the floor with, and after i got in the inventory room i put them in my pocket and forgot all about them, and he forgot to ask for them back as well.

so after work i’m driving home and i keep getting calls on my cellphone… i didn’t recognize the number that was popping up on my caller id, and i didn’t have my boss’ number in my phone so i didn’t know it was him, so i hit “ignore” figuring that whoever it was would just leave a voicemail and i’d just check it when i’d get home (home is only about 8 minutes away from work, and i don’t like driving and talking on the phone at all). my phone kept ringing and i had to keep hitting “ignore” all the way home. i get home and kelly says “i just got off the phone with joe, your boss. he wanted you to give him a call when you got home.” i look at my phone and i see for a split second “1 new voicemail” just before i get a call from a different number. i answer it and joe’s on the other end…

joe: “hey, glenn?”

me: “yeah?”

joe: “do you still have the keys to the store?”

me: “i thought i gave them to you… oh… wait… here they are, they were in my pocket…”

joe: “could you please come back here and drop them off? we can’t lock up the store until we have them”

me: “sure, i’ll be there as soon as possible”

got back to work and joe kept apologizing that he had to make me drive back to work, lol. i felt stupid that i drove off with the keys to the store… ^^;; and this was the same night that after i let him into the inventory room he told me that i ought to leave the door open while i gather stuff for stocking the floor because “there’s cash out in the open in there. i’m not saying that you’re a thief or anything like that, i just don’t want you to get busted for something that may not have been your fault and could have been prevented.”

so i’m sure that driving home with the keys to the store really reflected well on my character, lol ^^;;

and is today “redhead-day” or something? lol. i kept my daily tally to create my assholey-customers-to-cute-girls ratio and just about all of the cute girls were redheads. one was a blonde, but she had a few red streaks dyed in her hair. another one of the redheaded girls came in to ask me if i wanted to buy any cologne or perfumes from her ‘cos she was selling it cheap for a fundraiser or something… i ended up having to tell her “no, thanks, i’m a poor college student” because 1) i wouldn’t have been able to go outside to her and her friend’s car parked out front to see their selections ‘cos i was in the middle of doing my job, 2) i didn’t have any money to spend on cologne today, and 3) i don’t have anyplace to even bother wearing cologne to! *sigh* wish i had more of a chance to talk to her… kinda cute, and dressed sexily ^_^ but the style kinda bordered somewhere between “sexily” and “skanky whore-y” ^^; i think i’ll just stick to “sexily”, lol ^_^;; at least i got to stand around doing my job and ogle them in the meantime (see previous post about being a Dork ^^;;;)

anyways, continuing more about today being “redhead-day”, aeire wants to know what shade of red she ought to dye her hair, and jeneighe used to have red hair. i saw one girl leave tower records with black hair with a few red streaks in it, and even saw another girl that i used to work with at tower who had a ponytail down to her waist and the last third of that ponytail was dyed red.

blargh. i feel like going to a party and meeting some wimmens… only problem is most of my friends are guys wanting to meet some wimmens too, and beats the hell out of me where to go to find any parties in the first place. (see previous post about being a Dork again ^^;;;)

maybe i’ll see if i can figure out how to build a party-finding-device. hell, i think i’ll just skip that step and make a wimmen-finding-device, lol.