it’s a really nice day outside, so i’m having a good time driving around. ^_^ went to umbc, signed up for an advising appointment, picked up a schedule of classes, and now i’m back home

ozzy osbourne killed my ears in the car. i made two mix cds before we left, one with a bunch of lupin-themed songs (now i’ve got two cds like this, hehe), and the other with a bunch of heavy metal-ish songs. the heavy metalish cd started with “crazy train” by ozzy osbourne.

well, i wasn’t sure why it wasn’t playing, so i raised the volume thinking that it was turned off and i still didn’t hear anything. after tinkering around some i realized that the car charger wasn’t plugged in so it wasn’t getting any power. plugged it in, and next thing i know as i’m driving down the road:


ow… ^_^;; i was singing along with the rest of the cd on the way home and killed my vocal chords by singing along to “play the game” by motorhead yet again, lol

now i’m off to pick up bruno_boy from his house and we’re going to hang since we’re both bored and want to do stuff ^_^