i think that all the people who weren’t able to go on the bay bridge walk today because of bad weather decided to come to my store instead today – we were packed from 10:15 – 3:45… about 10 people waiting at a time with waits averaging 20-30 minutes to see a salesperson…. we were busy at closing time as well, and the time it took to stock the floor had me finishing up at about 5:20 (we closed at 5). even though i had only put down 12-5 on my timesheet for the day (because i wasn’t expecting to be staying so late), my manager rick put me down for 12-5:30, so i ended up working an extra half an hour for the week ^_^

didn’t recieve any response from ray about me having his key ^_^;;;; i don’t think he’s opening the store tomorrow (he rarely opens… he mostly works the closing shift), so i’ll be able to hand it to the manager tomorrow morning ^_^;

worked on some japanese tonight – now that i’ve gone through that crappy japanese book once it’s a bit easier to understand the second time through. i was also doing a little bit of organizing with some important papers and files i have in my room tonight and found my transcript from my first two semesters at umbc – i got a “B” in japanese 101… o_o;; i did that good?? lol – i guess that i just remember the “D” i got in 102 more ^_^;

and dan pointed out to me the latest megatokyo comic… specifically, the last row of panels – remind you of anything…? ~_^