stueypark and i played some jet moto 2 tonight and then watched “red green” and “are you being served?” on tv – good times ^_^

work today was pretty busy. i thought that we were going to be rather slow because:

1) it was such a nice day outside, and

2) there would be lots of people in downtown annapolis to see the volvo ocean race boats

we actually were pretty busy all day. we even had some people come in after i locked the doors (because some customers left and unlocked the doors themselves and didn’t have anyone to lock the doors behind them, allowing two people to wander in -_-;;). some of the other customers in the store at that time wanted to stay when the manager (instructing the salespeople to put their cash register drawers in the back as they finished with their customers) told the salespeople to “yank their drawers” when they were done ^_^;

i even bumped into my friend justin turner from high school days at work today… he was in to get his phone fixed, and while he knew that there was a verizon store somewhere around college park, he wasn’t sure as to it’s exact location and wanted to go on a road-trip anyways, hehe. i hadn’t seen him in months, so it was pretty neat to suddenly see him again. ^_^

was talking with stu tonight about my rooming plans for umbc. i’m not sure if i’m rooming with pete or what, because i put him down on my housing application, and when he recontracted he had my name down as someone he wanted to room with on his sheet, but apparently because i wasn’t eligible for recontracting (since i hadn’t been living on campus or even attending school)…

*pauses the music – it’s hard to think of what you’re trying to say when pirates are singing in your ears*

…so because of me not being on campus or something he wasn’t able to put me down on his sheet so they crossed my name off of his sheet. but i still had his name on my sheet, so who knows with whom i’ll be rooming with.

i wouldn’t mind rooming with pete, but then again, i think it might be a bit difficult to live with him for several months at a time and kinda want to take my chances and room with some random person, partly just for experience, partly for meeting new people. (unfortunately no rooming with members of the female persuasion! ~_^ currrses!! ^_^;). i’m still not sure if stu’s planning on transferring to umbc for the fall or not. which also reminds me that i still have to go to umbc on tuesday to register for advisement so i can register for classes. i’m doubtful if i will (or even if i should) take japanese 101 again in the fall. i know i want to take japanese 101 again (even though you can’t take it more than once for credit) but i want to take it and 102 as refreshers for getting me back into japanese 201. i basically just got through japanese by the seat of my pants, and – no matter what – i still have to re-take japanese 102 since it didn’t take to me very well. so i say why not take 101 again as a refresher? but i think that can wait until next year or even the year after that. i need to just practice my japanese in the meantime…

i’m not sure how busy we’ll be tomorrow, because:

1) it’s a sunday

2) we’re only open from noon – 5 pm

3) the bay bridge walk is happening tomorrow

too bad i’ll have to work… the pyrates royale are supposed to be performing somewhere downtown tomorrow… ah well – i’ll just have to find more of their cds at the maritime museum downtown sometime…