i wanna snuggle ;_; considering my relationship situation at present this song is quite fitting ^_^;

was chatting with the girl at the register at fresh fields today when i was buying my sammich for lunch – she remembered me from a few weeks ago when she and her friend there thought that i was too young to have to dress up for my job, and that i ought to have a dinky little job like theirs instead. she commented to me today “i still think that you’re too young to have a job like that…”, lol

later in the day i went on a run to starbucks to get a caramel frappachino for one of the guys i work with, and even though i hadn’t seen this girl before she recognized me from standing around at the front of the store and asked me a few questions about maybe upgrading her phone

friday night is that local band concert that i was given a flyer about at the same time that i was given a flower from one of the girls distributing flyers… maybe i’ll go to that and see if i can find the girl (well, she’d have to recognize me… i was so surprised i didn’t get a good look at her ^_^;;)

besides, how can you go wrong seeing musicians with such names as “masta shithead”, “skittles”, “rooobyn”, and “blaven the bee”? ^_^;