went to the mall today with dan and dave. dan took some pictures of me in my wig last night and too bad he wasn’t able to take a picture when i was making one face that i couldn’t reproduce – apparently i looked “just like a shy little schoolgirl” ^_^;;; dan and i watched dave play some street fighter alpha 3 (while he gave us “sumo-salutes”!), and after that dave and i watched “saving private ryan”, and he went to bed right after that at 4 am or so. i stayed up a little bit longer with dan and i fell asleep sometime between 4 and 5. dan did a sketch of me while i slept and he fell asleep around 8 am or so.

when we first woke up we played some ddr and lazed around for about 2 hours (we woke up at about noon). then to the mall, where i picked up gran turismo 2, jet moto 2, and the dvd of the movie “bandits” at electronics boutique. we also stopped off at hot topic and i felt so dirty ‘cos i hated that store, but i ended up buying this shirt from there…

we agreed that i look just like that with my glasses on and i thought the similarity was so striking that i ended up buying it. ^_^;

while we were walking back through the mall to the car these girls came up to us and one of them handed us these little flyers for a concert that some local bands are performing at, and this other girl that was with her handed me a flower *^_^* took me completely by surprise since it was so random and, well, surprising, that i was like “oh, well, uh, thanks!” and that was it ^_^;;;

we also walked downtown (dan demonstrated the proper “yatta” dance step to dave on the way…) and stopped in the used cd store on main street, got some pizza from the market house, and sat down by the water and watched the people and wildlife down at city dock.

and that’s pretty much what we did today. ^_^