i think the gasman hates me ^_^;; see, our basement looks kinda like this:


|                xxx gas ->|

|            |  xx|-|  |---|

|  bedroom   |    | |  |   |

|            |xx  | |  |bar|

|            |    | |  |   |

|------------|    | --/   |

|                 --------/

|                          ]]] to lower basement ->

|                          |

|                          |

|                          |

|          /---==-        |

|          | bath-|

|          | room |       to upstairs ->



  outside ->

and where those “x”s are in bold i’ve got stuff like my dresser or desk pushed out into the little aisleway between my bedroom and this little bar we have in the basement. they almost completely block the walkway. so it figures that this morning the gasman comes by to check the meter… ^_^;;; i went down later and some stuff was pushed out of the way so he could get by ^_^;;;;

dropped off my tax stuff this morning at the post office before work. even though i had it all completed, i didn’t do the final inking and stuffing in envelopes… ^_^;;

i made it to work exactly on time (my watch beeped 10 am just after i rang the doorbell so they could let me in the back way), but they had already opened the store. ^_^;; and instead of it just being one manager who’s kinda cool along with the senior sales rep (who also acts as manager) opening the store with all the accompanying salespeople / customer service reps / technicians, it was all the managers along with everyone else. why? because the one day i kinda arrive “late” to work is the day we’ve got the regional manager and the president of the washington / baltimore / virginia region there as well… ^_^;;; but nobody yelled at me about that, so yay ^^

i got my pictures of my manager mark running laps around the store, and us beaning him with waterballoons… pictures are here ^_^

i hope tomorrow i get my copy of otaku no video in the mail. dan may or may not be stopping by too so he can give me his eva dvds to work with, and sometime tomorrow i want to drop by the 7-11 and get me some lotto tickets for the big game since it’s got a $325+ million jackpot and they’re doing a drawing tomorrow ^_^ it couldn’t hurt ^^ i also have to work on cleaning up more of my room and cleaning out the leaves in the back stairwell outside too… ^^;;;;