work today sucked. we weren’t busy (THANK GOD), but all of the computer systems for verizon wireless were down. for the entire day. in the whole country. this means that we couldn’t:

– sell phones

– upgrade phones

– change plans

– take bill payments

– swap phones in the service department

only thing we could do at all was sell accessories. that was it. but all we ended up doing anyways was stand around. people would get mad at us like we didn’t want to sell them a phone. blargh.

it’s funny, though… all of the salespeople except for one have pictures at their desk of their wife or boyfriend or kid. but since this one guy at work has no wife or girlfriend or kid, but really really likes ozzy ozbourne’s music, he’s got a cutout picture from a magazine of ozzy, lol. he and another salesperson found some discarded magazines in the dumpster behind the store (probably reported destroyed ‘cos they had the covers removed to be sent back to the publisher), and he found a heavy metal magazine and that had another picture of ozzy in there, so now he’s got two pictures of ozzy ozbourne on his desk, lol.

i picked up “dark side of the moon” by pink floyd and “fragile” by yes at tower after work. got an employee discount too! yay! ^_^ which was nice, because i was thinking of getting them from ‘cos “dark side of the moon” was like $13 there, and “fragile” was $12, so including shipping it was all about $30. but the price that i was going to have to pay for both of these at tower was going to be about $30 anyways since “dark side of the moon” was marked at $18, and “fragile” was still $12. but i got my discount which got me “fragile” for about $7.50 and “dark side of the moon” for $12. so i only had to end up paying about $20 total ^_^