we were bored at work today, so we were looking up famous people’s phone numbers in the system, lol… had some crazies in the store today. i think tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, and since i’m only there from 12-5, i don’t think it’ll be that busy…

um… didn’t really do anything today. got the crazy (and i mean crazy) idea today to get myself the “dark side of the moon” album by pink floyd and make the ENTIRE thing into a sort of rock-opera-anime-music-video set to akira. XD

me: i should do that

me: hehehe

me: it would rox0r

dan: what, be like vicsuck?

me: NO

dan: ehhee

me: if i were to be like vicsuck, i wouldn’t go beyond thinking about it

me: i’m going to DO it

me: XD

dan: as stupid as he is, he was smart enough to realize it was a bad idea, lol

me: 😛

sure, it would be totally impractical for downloading online, lol. but it would be the first of its kind! and i’m so crazay, i just might attempt it!

… which reminds me. if i want to get a music vid submitted to otakon, i better get back to work on my vid… (i’d much much much rather submit the idea that i came up with and dan is going to help out with – “neon genesis evangelion” set to “clint eastwood” by gorillaz, but we definitely wouldn’t be able to get it done in time. oh well… ^^;; i guess it’s “macross plus” set to “push it” by static x for me. unless i come up with another idea and can put it together in about a month, or submit my “akira” set to “boyz in the hood” by dynamite hack vid under my mom’s radar… ^_^;;)