i’m in a good mood today ^_^ it’s a nice day outside, so i got all snappily dressed in my cargo pants ‘n my “POWER CORRUPTS. (But ABSOLUTE POWER is kinda neat.)” t-shirt, and headed out in the car with both my “PUNCH THE MONKEY! THE BEST!” lupin iii cd and this mix cd i made recently.

got money from the atm, watched two girls walking their dogs from the pet store, went to the thrift store and actually found a green jacket! now i just need to get a black shirt and a yellow tie and then i can cosplay as lupin!! ^-^ that shouldn’t be a problem at all, partly because i need to buy myself some new dress shirts to wear to work…. i forgot to look for a long tan jacket to cosplay as captain tylor (well, i remembered, but i was already in the checkout line with my lupin jacket and i was too lazy to go look for one at the moment). so i’ll go on another mission to find that some other day ^_^

after i got my jacket, i drove off to umbc and dropped off my readmission application there and then drove back home. i cracked myself up coming up on annapolis by singing along to “play the game” by motorhead, lol.

and now it’s time to make vanilla syrup! ^__^