dan and i were talking yesterday about dying hair… i think i’d like to dye my hair either purple, blue, or green… most likely green… ^_^

but the only problem is i can’t work for verizon (or temp or whatever for them) with my hair dyed some funky color. ^_^;;

so i’m hoping i’m hired by verizon wireless so they get to be the ones to pay my tuition while i work for them, and i’m hoping that they don’t hire me so i can do stuff that i wouldn’t be able to while working for them (like dying my hair). i remember when i started working at my store, and a few friends of mine from the tower records next door that i used to work at walked by, and one of them made fun of me for having to wear a tie now, lol.

so it’d either be get free college money and no zanyness, or pay my way through college and get enough zanyness to equal the raw fun of a monkey…

is a predicament!

…unless i were to work for verizon, and get my own pet monkey. monkeys are as fun as zanyness! and then i’d be just like moby! lol