stupid interweb… i tried changing the dns servers to the dns servers for and i still can’t connect to

in fact, stu told me today that he can’t access the site at all. so i changed it back. it should go back to the dns servers for sometime tonight or tomorrow. ^^;

i even sent an e-mail to tech support late last week because people with other isps were able to connect to it – why not me? they never replied. bastards. >_<;; i wasn't able to do all the stuff i wanted to do today, and mom's complaining to me to finish cleaning my room. i'll clean it on my own time (i started cleaning when i wanted to, so i’ll finish cleaning when i want to -_-;;).

this pisses me off. >_<;;;; and brunoboy just called about setting up an adventure into dc this weekend to see museums and stuff. but i can’t go, ‘cos i’ve got work. and even if i didn’t have work, mom just told me that my grandfather set up a memorial mass for my grandmother at his church for the family to go to for that day.

mom and kelly keep yelling at each other about kelly wanting to go into rotc. ^^;;

at least i was messaging tony the temp today about a question on the schedule for working next month which he told me there’d be no problems – i just wanted to check with him to be sure before ordering my aeroplane tickets to fly to atlanta tonight ^_^