we got our tv in our living room fixed! ^___^ now i can play ddr with good visuals and good audio quality! imagine that!

apparently what happened with it was that some capacitors on the circuit board for the picture-in-picture cracked and were leaking and corroded the picture-in-picture circuit board, which caused the display to flip vertically.

the tv repairman said that either we could have him replace the picture-in-picture board ($100+ for the board itself), or he could just remove it and modify the tv to bypass that board. we figured that since we don’t even use the picture-in-picture, we’ll just do without it. ^_^

so now our big tv works! ^_^ i gotta hook up my playstation and the dvd player to it tomorrow ^_^

too bad we didn’t just have the picture-in-picture replaced… then dad could watch his baseball and i could work on my ddr both at the same time, lol…