"this post is dedicated to my one true love… the ladies."

yep. today was ok. lots of complainy customers at work (i liked how the manager flat-out told one guy who was being stupid “no” to giving him free stuff). but that manager – joe – thinks that maybe now he’s coming down with mono… ^_^;;; beats me how he got it. and NO, i never kissed him 😛

at least tomorrow is my friday! yay! ^_^

and i’ve been feeling hr0ny lately… methinks i’ll be spending tomorrow just standing around at work and ogling the girls that enter our store. ^_^;;

you probably didn’t need to know that. ^_^;; lol… my spell-checker thinks “ogling” should be replaced with “oiling”… i’d either be rude or kinky if my spell-checker was deciding things ’round here. at least, i don’t think that girls entering my store would be wanting to be oiled, but you never can tell… and when it’s me that’s going to be doing the oiling, that might change some minds… ~_^ *fires up “S-E-X-X-Y” by they might be giants…* “this song is dedicated to my one true love… the ladies.”

you probably didn’t need to know that either… yeah… ^_^;;

anyway! off to get my bat-sleep.

oh! and susan and betsy should be in town, like, now! yay! ^_^