so please, please, baby… show me you are mine…

regarding a recent post of mine, dnister sent me the picture from which i made this here icon ^_^

i can’t believe there’s no “sexy” mood built in. huh. i was feeling all sexy tonight. and posh. but that posh bit came after reading through more of moby’s journal and eating three quarters of a box of thin mint girl scout cookies and listening to my musics.

actually, i’d say that the word i was looking for was more along the lines of “sophisticated”. somehow i think that the quality of the audio i was getting out of my headphones contributed to this – it seems a bit more… live. not “memorex”. or maybe i’m just now realizing the magic of stereo? lol.

but i’m almost always feeling sexy. i don’t know how sexy i seemed to be by slobbing around in my zebra-stripey computer chair that swivels and eating thin mints and going through a couple of cans of barq’s root beer… but that doesn’t matter. i felt sexy, and that’s good enough for me…

i think it’s the glasses doing their work, hehe… damn, that was a good choice of frames! ^_^

*rubs eyes* i was reading journals a few hours ago tonight and suddenly all the colors on my screen seemed more vibrant than they really were. really weird. it’s been all back to normal for about an hour or so.

and what’s up with the plastic wrapping around these rolls of thin mints?! it’s more like the plastic from a ziploc plastic baggie instead of the plastic cellophane wrapping! so when you try to tear the plastic it ends up stretching and not really tearing.

i think it’s time for bed before i use another big word in this post and i’m not able to get up in the morning to go to dave’s house with stu and dan and play videogames! ^_^