mixed reactions

the ddr withdrawl is starting to get to me… ^_^;

i figure “hey, here’s this ddr cd i have that i’m not able to use because of lack of a playstation!” ;_;

so, what do i decide to do but try and find myself a copy of connectix virtual gamestation online! ^_^

but i can’t find a hotline server that has it available for speedy download. ;_;

but dan comes on, and he says that he has a copy! ^_^

…but it’s about 2.6 megs and he’s on a 56k modem ;_;

    …but most of those 2.6 megs were from some audio files from something unrelated! ^_^

so he starts sending me the file (about 600k now) ^_^

but it doesn’t work properly in os x ;_;

…but it works fine in mac os 9! ^_^

but ddr turns out to be incompatible with the playstation emulator ;_;

so back to square 2 for me ^_^;; (not square 1! i already have the game! ~_^)