look out, he's got a plan underway!

the day that linkin park curls up in a hole and dies can’t come soon enough for me -_-;;

i’m feeling ambitious… ^_^ for otakon, i’m planning to go as…

day 1: lupin iii from the lupin iii series

day 2: captain justy ueki tylor from “irresponsible captain tylor”

day 3: just a pink wig ‘n bunnyears (hey, you’re always hearing about bunnygirls, but no bunnyboys, and someone’s gotta go as one as a service for the members of the female persuasion! ~_^ (not sure who it was that persuaded them to be female, but that’s none of my business =) *rimshot*)

now whether or not i’ll actually be able to pull off these costumes is a completely different story… ^_^; but that’s what i plan to go as… ^_^