i wanna find my baby… woo… 'fore that sun go down…

this amuses me… moby giving tips how to sneak into concerts for free.

today pretty much SUCKED. 😛

– almost overslept… kelly came down to see if i was awake about 20 minutes before i had to leave for work.

– just about everyone at the store was bitched at by customers at least once during the day. the first 6 or 7 people we had were all assholery customers. by the time we closed we had a total of 16 or 17 people come in today who were stupid or yelled at us.

– i went to the amish market to get some chicken and pretzels for lunch, and ate the chicken and one pretzel, and saved the other one for when i got home. when i left, i found the bag that i had the pretzel in in the trash, and the pretzel was nowhere to be seen… -_-;;;;

the un-sucky bits:

susan and betsy surprised me and stopped by my store and chatted with me for about 15 or 20 minutes ^_^ and brunoboy called me up and dan, stu, and myself are all going to go over to his place to play video games from about noon until 5 ‘cos stu needs to be back at his place at 5, and dan, dave, and myself basically are going to be transferring the partay over to my place. and we’ll call up susan and betsy too and watch anime and do ddr! ^_^

shortly after susan and betsy left these two cute girls came in our store. today i spent more time being yelled at by customers instead of ogling the girls like i planned to, so i think my manager and the salesperson who helped the girls out noticed me checking them out while they were in our store and staring after them as they left and asked me if they were my type, hehe… ^_^;