*files under "wit"*

first off, let me say that jibakushounen and i have a tendency for back ‘n forth banter (this particular conversation was about the true color of spike spiegel’s hair in “cowboy bebop”… which, we all know, is BROWN!)

with that in mind…

thePfhitz: now here’s a pair for cosplay sex!


thePfhitz: yukino miyazawa from “kareshi kanojo no jijou” and asuka! rrarw!

thePfhitz: >:D

jibaku shounen: I like the way you think…with your penis

thePfhitz: hey, it got me through high school

thePfhitz: XD

jibaku shounen: Damn right!

jibaku shounen: Gleen’s dick has a diploma!

thePfhitz: LOL

jibaku shounen: magna cum laude?

thePfhitz: *rimshot*

jibaku shounen: Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week!

bonus points if you can find the hidden movie quote!