everyone wishes they could be like me… smart and cool, handsome, wealthy, and so sexy… XD

i ought to go to bed, but i’ve got clothes in the wash that i have to transfer to the dryer first… ^^;

dan, stu, and myself did laser tag today and at the laser tag place they had a ddr machine. i like the machine’s pad… it doesn’t creep across the floor like mine does, lol. mine creeps even when it’s taped down…. ^^;;

i’ve decided for subject lines now (the past few subject lines, actually) to post a line of lyrics to whatever song i’m listening to at the time. original, ne?

i got some voting thingy for being a verizon shareholder so i can vote about what they ought to do this next year or something. haven’t really taken a look at it yet.

going to my grandfather’s place tomorrow for easter…

i think i’ll post a better rundown of the past few days tomorrow… i’ve had fun these past few days off from work ^_^