cartoon network's cartoon network commercials

LOL… just had a commercial advertising cartoon network on cn – a bunch of superheros riding on a jet plane…

“judging by this ticket, this is a long flight! that is why i brought along A Paperback Book!”

everyone else: “A Paperback Book?!”

“he’s right, this in-flight magazine is no match for A Paperback Book! quick! to the paperback book store!”

“but the airplane is starting to taxi off the runway, and fast!”

“this calls for… A TWEN-

flight attendant: “stay in your seats! and keep your voices down!”

that cracked me up… ^_^ i liked that commercial that they used to run with all the superheros in the movie theater and they call out “this calls for… A TWENTY!!!” ^___^

and ocarina is famous! she’s met space ghost! ^^