my mouse was making the windows scroll fast and jumpy when i used the scroll wheel. disabled this 3rd party hack i installed to try to get my gamepad to work right and that fixed it. heh.

went with stu to dave’s place and played video games there for about 5 hours, then took everything over here and susan and betsy came over and played video games for a little bit more and watched “o brother, where art thou”.

tried to copy dan’s ddr 5th mix for myself and my ddr us mix for him, but his cd burner and toast didn’t take to the ddr cds. sucks. so he’s going to see if his brother can find anything to copy it.

showed susan and betsy some of the recently made music videos dan and myself have made plus a few other good ones. one of them was “kiss me deadly” by reel big fish to “furi kuri”.

so now i’m sitting around downloading reel big fish mp3s. funny how lots of these mp3s say they’re by reel big fish but they’re not. grr. 😛 i’m also downloading motorhead mp3s, lol. with “we built this city on rock and roll” by bruce springsteen thrown in there for good measure, lol. nobody’s going to say that my music interests aren’t diverse, lol. ~_^

which reminds me… *goes to respond to meaghan’s livejournal post*

now i’m just lounging around. i think i’ll head off to bed in a few minutes… going to help my friend pete out tomorrow with a video for his digital cinema class…