didn’t do much today… work wasn’t bad – nothing spectacular happened… not too busy, not too slow. *shrug*

stu hung out for a while after i got off of work and ate dinner. we pretty much sat around and watched the academy awards on tv. the only things that won oscars that i saw were “shrek” for best animated film, “monsters inc.” for best song, and “for the birds” for best animated short film. but then again, i don’t really remember any movies i saw last year (any good movies, at least) other than “behind enemy lines”. 😛 and what’s up with all three things being involved with animated films too?

did some ddr for about 45 minutes from 11-11:45… practiced “drop the bomb” forever, and some other song that i forget the name of but wasn’t as hard as “drop the bomb”… kept failing “drop the bomb”, lol, but i was going better at it than i was expecting and hitting just about everything consistently (i’d get 15 boos and it’d fail me for that, when that’s only about 15% of the steps in the song. :P). i was doing much better on the other song i was working on, and getting A’s and B’s on it (the B’s came later on once i started getting a bit pooped out). at first i didn’t think i’d need to tape my pad down, because i did some practicing the other day and had no problems… now about 2/3 through “drop the bomb” i was almost falling into the wall next to me since the pad was migrating across the floor, lol… ^_^;;

i think i’ll get fat… i’ve got this whole package of oreos here sitting at my desk, and i’ve already ate about 1/5 – 1/4 of the package already myself… ^_^;;

two more files to decode from “macross plus” before i can start working on my macross plus / “push it” by static x music vid! ^_^ they should be done by the time i wake up… unless my mpeg decoder decides to suddenly quit on me overnight as it is so fond of doing recently… -_-;; if it does, no biggie – just set it to decode while i’m at work all day tomorrow…

ok… sleep tyme… gotta work open to close (10 am – 9 pm) the next three days… woo… ^_^;;;