work wasn’t bad… pretty busy for most of the day. i saw three guys (one in a black trenchcoat, one in a black trenchcoat and carrying a video camera, and the third wearing a cape – it even had little bat-ears poking up! i think he was supposed to be batman, lol) walk past the store a few times, and they went into tower records too.

my abdomen has been hurting me a little more today… this morning before i went to work it was killing me. ^^; and tonight it was still hurting, but not as much.

oh, yeah, i think i’ll go play some ddr… XD which reminds me…

$38 – 1 playstation (used)

$6 – 6-month breakage insurance for used playstation

$8 – 1 extra controller (used)

$9 – 1 memory card (used)

$9 – rf adaptor

$4 – rf -> ghetto antenna connection on our old tv adaptor from radio shack

$9 – king of fighters ’99 (used)


$83 total

not bad, considering that everywhere else i looked in brick ‘n mortar stores the used playstations were going for $80 just by themselves. it could have been better because i would have been able to get a slightly used playstation, extra controller, and rf adaptor for $50, but i waited long enough. oh well. ^_^;

i figured i had better get the breakage protection, because i was a little wary when the guy took the playstation out of his box and i heard something rattle around inside it ^_^; so, if it stops working within 6 months, i just go to any electronics boutique and bring in the playstation and they just give me a new one. ^^

ok, ddr tyme… neener neener neener! XD