three days off for me! work today was slow (i only had to write down three people who had to wait for a salesperson during the 5 1/2 hours i was in, and that was only because some of the salespeople stepped outside for a smoke since we were so slow)

i joined the store’s softball team, lol… apparently we’re starting a team to play in some league. *shrug* don’t know who it is we’re going to be playing, though, lol…

and today we had two neat customers come in the store… one was ted levitt, owner of “chick ‘n ruth’s deli” on main street here in annapolis (and he did magic tricks for us! ^-^), and the other was the pilot of air force one! so that was pretty neat…

talked with brunoboy last night and i’m going to pick him up on friday and he and i and maybe zenmetsu (‘cos i haven’t had a chance to ask him yet) will go off to umbc for the day because i’ve got to pick up paperwork for living on campus in the fall, and we’ll find something to do… maybe go to jillian’s or something? i dunno… but dave and dan (if he wants to) will be spending the night here at my place on friday night. ^_^

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