ok, don’t i feel like a dolt… ^_^;;

i just called kristina back up about picking up the playstation, and i left her a voicemail message again

basically everything that i’ve done in the past few times i’ve called to leave her a voicemail

…except, this time i pushed “5” when i was done with the message to leave a callback number, and was given more options! o_o;;

“if you are satisfied with your message, press 1… if you would like to hear your message again, press 2”


“to send your message with normal delivery, press 1… to send your message with urgent delivery, press 2”


“thank you. your message has been sent. to disconnect, press 1”




o_o;; does this mean because i left a message and then just hung up, it didn’t send it because i didn’t tell it to send… O_o;; if so, then don’t i feel stupid for kinda accidentally standing kristina up at the mall two weeks ago and thinking that i left a voicemail message about how i wouldn’t be able to pick it up that day because of work when i didn’t leave the message! ^^;;;;;;;