*sigh*… this is starting to really get on my nerves… i can’t wait for our tv in the living room to get fixed so we can start using it once again… (currently it flips out of control when you try to watch anything, and there’s no vertical hold control on it at all) -_-;;

it’s just that whenever i’m doing stuff on the computer and other people are in the room, i tend to wear my (big, bulky, and long-corded) headphones so not to disturb other people in the room, even though they barge in and start watching the tv or listening to their music (or both) with the volume at a moderately loud level. (i am SICK of the home and garden channel. that, and the disney/cartoon network/abc family/animal planet bloc. >_<;;)

well, i’m starting to get sick of wearing my headphones. and when people come in they expect me to put my headphones on when they want to listen to their music or watch their tv.

now this seems a bit petty, but it’s starting to really aggravate me. you’d be annoyed too if you were stuck inside all day with nothing to do, and then people come in and start filling up the room with competing noise… ^^;; it’s times like this i wish i had either a) an airport card for my computer so i could put it someplace a bit more quiet (like my room), or b) some sort of portable computer

which gets me thinking of what sort of computer i’ll be getting in a year or two… desktop (more upgradeable) or laptop (much more portable – plus i can use it together with my existing monitor anyways)… this one has given me so many problems that i can’t wait to upgrade… ^^;