been bored most of the day… to help pass the time i either brainstormed for song ideas for a music video using “otaku no video” (toughest anime that i’ve tried thinking of songs for, so it’s a good excersise), and kept refreshing the escape velocity: nova webboard to see when it might be available for download (any day now, apparently)

i really really really really really really really can’t wait for ev:n to be released ^____^ sometime this summer, if i can find someone who’s able / willing to do 3d renderings of the different ships and whatnot in “cowboy bebop”, i (together with this 3d-rendering-person and the cowboy bebop anime guides) want to try making a cowboy bebop conversion for it ^__^

but other than that… *shrug* haven’t done much else ^^; copied more “cowboy bebop” dvd mpeg files and some “transformers: the movie” decoded mpeg files to my dvd-ram disks to free up some room… they weren’t really taking up a ton of space… freed up a few gigs on each drive. now i just need to get bebop episodes 1-10 (the first two dvds, really) ripped and decoded and then i’ll have got all of cowboy bebop on my computer! looks like i’ll need about 30 more gigs of space to get that all on my drives… should be able to do it if i cram things on there… 27 gigs free on one and 7 gigs free on the other… yep, dvd-ram disks are my friends, hehe ^_^

which reminds me… i think i know what i’ll do for the rest of the night and tomorrow, and it’ll give me a chance to work on something else other than the computer all day ^_^;; going to practice my japanese (well, start all over again with my learning, really…) the rest of tonight, and then tomorrow i’ll do that while i have my computer encode stu’s and my music videos to mpeg formats, and copy the videos onto my master digital video tape, and rip the other bebop dvds after i’ve done all that ^_^

LOL… i just thought up a funny idea to use for an “otaku no video” music vid… only thing i’ll say is that it starts with a live-action sequence and uses the song “eldorado overture” by electric light orchestra…

…but it’s funny! XD