*yawns* been bored mostly today… cleaned off some journals and communites that i don’t really find myself reading, and am slowly making my way colorizing the little boxes with peoples’ names that surround their icons.

passed the time listening to my mp3s and brainstorming for music video ideas (fun way to pass the time ^_^) this time i was just trying to think of songs to use with “otaku no video” (can you tell i’ve been on a theme lately? lol ^___^ but how can i be faulted when it has misty may in it? ~_^ i’ve found that picture makes a great desktop background, too ^-^). i’ve only ever seen one music video set to “otaku no video”, and the song fit the anime perfectly

“my way” by the knudsen brothers (covering frank sinatra)

best idea i came up with today was “eye of the bunnygirl” (using “eye of the tiger” from the movie “rocky”) XDDDD

… o_o;; some robot on dragonball z (anne’s watching it! really!) just said “arr jimboy” and “shiver me timbers

anyways… back to brainstorming… ^^