took a bath around 3:30 – 4:00 this afternoon, then took another nap. woke back up around 8 pm. it gets a bit confusing with all this sleeping and waking up and suddenly seeing that it’s dark outside and you’ve been sleeping for several hours, lol. but i think it’s kinda funny how night and day are becoming the same with me sleeping off and on in both periods. ^_^;

after i woke up at 8 mom chopped up some chicken and put it in some broth… she went to my aunt’s house when i was sleeping to give my aunt some birthday presents and since my cousin was sick as well she was able to get some homemade broth and chicken from there for me too ^_^ watched “the great escape” on tv, even though we’ve got it on video. but we hadn’t watched it in so long that it was fun to watch again (and no commercials on turner classic movies either! ^_^)

i sent off a text message to tony, (the other temp i work with) about my situation early this afternoon and told him to let the managers know. he sent me a text message back while i was sleeping saying that he let rick (the main store manager) know and they hope i get better soon. i’ll have to call my temp agency tomorrow morning and let them know too…

and to cheer me up, dan’s been sending me links to pictures of usada / rabi~en~rose from “digi charat”, lol ^-^ oh, yeah, he knows how much i likes her, hehehe >:D

ok, time to find myself something cool for my throat and back to sleep for me, lol… either i’m awake and eating or i’m lying down and sleeping…