so i get upstairs after sleeping, and am checking my livejournal friends list when i notice little flecks of brown on my computer screen as if someone opened up a can of coke and a drop or two went flying toward the screen. (kelly and her friends were using the den last night to watch movies and sleep in). so i clean it off and dismiss it as that can happen to anybody.

as i’m sitting here i start to notice more brown flecks all over my desk in different places. i get a bit irritated at this and clean those off as well.

then i move my new glasses and they kinda stick to the table, so i have to clean those off as well (didn’t get them all clean, either… i’ll work more on that later)

now i notice more brown flecks underneath where my wrists are when i’m typing on the keyboard. go and grab another paper towel and the windex, push the keyboard back so i can clean this mess up…

the whole bottom of my keyboard is covered in coca-cola! >_____<

there was a puddle of it under there!

i think i got most (if not all) of it cleaned up now. i’m pissed off now… some respect for other people’s things… 😛 i’m just amazed that it didn’t damage my keyboard…

i think i’m going to take a bath or something.

update: told kelly about it when she got home and she says that she didn’t know anything about that (i wouldn’t expect that she would… she’d probably make an effort at cleaning it up and not leaving it for me to find later…)