i’m so disappointed with myself… i just realized that i didn’t have “bunnygirls” listed as a livejournal interest! >:D *rubs hands together* there, now that’s fixed…! ^-^

‘specially since i’m dreaming about them all the time… XD well, what else would someone in my condition be doing but sleeping? ^_^;

yeah… most of the time i’ve just been sleeping here on the couch. i started to sleep on the couch last night, but then after sleeping off and on for about 2 hours last night i decided to move downstairs to my bed, where i slept for about 2-3 hours in my bed, then moved back upstairs to take some advil and fall back asleep on the couch yet again for about 6 hours.

it’s funny, the only time that i can really sleep soundly is during the day, and that’s on the couch with people all around watching tv or whatever. nighttime comes, and i can’t sleep soundly at all.

mom says that she know’s i’m sick when i’m not at my computer, lol, and i know i’m sick when i start wanting to take a nap during the day (when i was a little kid i was never one to take a nap… i would only take a nap when i wasn’t feeling well). i’ve only been on here once or twice during the day, and that was pretty much just to quickly check livejournal posts or respond to some message someone left me. (like my friend pete still wanting to do the taping on sunday for some digital cinema class he’s taking – i told him no way since if i do have mono i’ll be too exhausted to really do anything, and if i don’t have mono i don’t want to give him whatever virus i have)

i think i will be calling in to take off of work on monday (and for who knows how long… ^^;) my throat still is really aching, and i can’t even talk properly – now how would someone whose job is to greet people and call out their names to have salespeople help them out be able to work without talking? and i’d be extremely exhausted so standing for 10.5 hours is defnitely out of the question!

yeah, i think it’d be safe to say that adecco will be getting a doctor’s note about me not being able to work. ^^;; i don’t know what’ll happen, though… i don’t think it’ll be fair to ask tony (the other temp) to work my schedule as well, and i don’t think i’d be able to work very well at all. ;_;