ok, so mom gets home and she drives me off to the doctor’s…

they run a strep test. strep test: negative

doctor pokes and prods and says that these lymph nodes in the back of my neck are swollen, and that usually means one thing: mononucleosis. yippee. ^^;;

pokes and prods some more and says that he can’t feel an enlarged spleen (mono usually has the spleen grow to 2x its normal size), but that it could be at 1 3/4 its normal size right now and he wouldn’t be able to feel it. but if i do have mono, that means i need to avoid situations where i could recieve a blow to my abdomen because if i have an enlarged spleen and i was struck in the abdomen then the spleen could rupture and then i’d have a surgical emergency ^^;;

mono sucks!

then they say go down to room 205 and get my blood drawn so they can run tests. they probably won’t know the results until monday, maybe tuesday. so i go down, they take my blood (bloodtests suck! though i felt faint for a few minutes, at least i didn’t pass out when they drew my blood… ^_^;;), and send me home.

so i’ve got to take it easy until they find out what it is that i have. ^^;; that means no hanging with dave or dan today. ;_; if it isn’t mono, then chances are i’ve got some sort of virus and there’s nothing i can really do but stick it out. he said that he’ll have no problem writing me a note so i don’t have to work if i want him to do that. i think i’ll wait and see what the results of the test are and how i feel after work on monday before i have him writing any notes. ^^;; and if i really do have mono, there’s nothing he can prescribe for me to help me feel better. i just have to keep taking tylenol or advil or whatever, and then know that i won’t be feeling well until 6 weeks after the onset of the virus. ;_;


at least i’ve got today-sunday off from work. good time to rest up. i might have to call pete and tell him i won’t be able to help him out with his video on sunday and see if we can reschedule that too… ^^;;;