ok, so i got a $50 bonus check (in the mail they say), and a hat that says “adecco” and a foam stress ball for being temporary employee of the month… turns out one of my managers (joe, the one i don’t like as much as the other managers! ^_^;;) nominated me, and my adecco branch selected me out of 200 other temps they have ^___^ looks like i’ll have to like joe a bit more now ~_^ he’s not that bad of a guy and he notices that i’m trying to show initiative, but to call me late when i show up at 10:01? ^^;;

but my throat’s been hurting me all day… ;_; every time i swallow my throat goes *KXHRBPOUWWW!!!!* and has me grimacing every few seconds when i swallow so i can’t really get to enjoy being temp employee of the month ;__;

we gave my sister kelly her birthday presents today (she turned 17 today). ^^ anne gave her “the mummy” on dvd, i gave her “rush hour 2” on dvd, and mom and dad gave her a little digital camera (not as l33t as mine, but it’ll save her money from taking and developing a gazillion pictures of the cat that don’t turn out ^_^;)

and i’m finally happy about my stock picks, hehe ^_^ made about $40 total with my stocks… all of them making me money now except for one ^^ a total return of 2.52% it says, hehe

i called kristina about not being able to pick up the playstation tomorrow, but i had to leave a message on her voicemail. dunno if / when she got it… ^^;

i think i’ll go to bed earlyish tonight… poor throat… ^^;; i’ll have to remember to call the doctor’s office early tomorrow morning… ^_^;;