swollen glands suck. ;_; my neck and throat are killing me. ^^;;

this morning i had to watch for the airborne express guy to come by today bringing kelly’s birthday present from my parents. also had the ups guy come later in the day with the rest of my order from (had to come in two shipments for some reason… *shrug*) dan came over this afternoon with ddr and adobe photoshop 5 le for me ^_^ and the ddr 5th mix soundtrack XD

we went over to the mall to try and find if any stores like funcoland or babbage’s or electronics boutique had any used playstations for less than $50. while we didn’t find any, when we made a quick stop at the verizon wireless kiosk and i talked with kristina – one of our saleswomen – about it, she told me that she and her boyfriend each has one and since they’ve moved in together they haven’t needed to use both. so i’m going to buy her playstation from her for $50, and get a second controller and the rf adapter with it as well ^_^ she also says that she’ll keep the games she wants, and i can buy any of the ones she doesn’t want for $10 each, too. unfortunately i thought that i had thursday-saturday off (turns out it’s friday-sunday off), so i won’t be able to pick it up on thursday afternoon. looks like i’ll have to give her a call and see if i can pick it up sometime on friday instead. ^_^;

but this means i’m this much closer to getting ddr for myself XDD