okayyyy… i called up sprint pcs customer support and a robot started talking to me, and she copped an attitude when she didn’t know what i meant by “Why have I been billed for service that I disconnected about 4 months ago?”

in other news, hooray for hands-free headsets that let me type while i talk to a real live person!

“do you still want to cancel your account?” they say… DUH. 😛

>:D and they say that i’m still entitled to the free month of service that they didn’t give me when i told them to cancel the account, and my phone would be on until the 16th… so looks like i’ve got a device for my war on spammers! muhahahaha!!! ^_^

whoopee! all cancelled and the only payment i need to make after all these adjustments (prorating for the month that’s gone by, i suppose) is about $5! and then no more sprint phone! ^_^

i made that whole call on my verizon cellphone… i’m so devious… XD