dan came over yesterday afternoon and he, mom, dad, anne, and myself all went out to lenscrafters to find me a pair of frames that would suit me as a new pair of glasses. took us a while, but we all ended up agreeing that this black-rimmed plastic frames looked good. ^_^

while they filled the prescription, we went out to red lobster and got some eats, then we picked up the glasses and headed home where dan and i spent a few hours playing ddr. ^_^

today i went back to the mall with anne so i could get myself a haircut at bubbles… the same lady who cut my hair the last time i was there cut it again this time – nice lady ^_^ cute too ^^ afterwards anne and i went around the mall and found some birthday presents for kelly, and now we’re at home.

now i look kinda like “test man” from the verizon wireless commercials, lol. i’m going to show up to work tomorrow wearing them and saying “can you hear me now? good!”, lol…