mom’s watching “the other half” on tv. they’ve got some people talking about their book “how to spot a bastard”. basically from what i can tell it’s pretty much a book filled with the bad bits about different people – “the darker side of astrological science” they say. one guy on the show said to the ladies who wrote the book “i’m a leo, critique me!”

they responded “a leo thinks he’s god’s gift to women…”

o_o you mean, i’m not??? ^_^;; the ladies who wrote this here book are british, and one is really hot >:D

oh yeah, she’d go for me… ~_^

went to the eye doctor this morning… almost got sick in the office (partly ‘cos of how i’ve felt the past week and partly ‘cos the doctor had to keep poking around my eyes – i hate how things have to be placed on the eyes and shined in the eyes from all over), but after i took off my sweatshirt i felt a bit better. maybe i just got too hot? *shrug*

he says my prescription isn’t much different from my current one that i’ve had for about 4-5 years. mom and i are going to head off to sam’s club in a few minutes and get the prescription filled and then i’ll get to find a new set of frames too ^_^