2 frank zappas are in my head! aiee!!

lol – i’m so easily amused… opened up the same song in two different programs and hit play and fiddled around with the timing until they’re just milliseconds off from each other. so now frank zappa is echoing in my head… when they do drumrolls it sounds really weird, lol.

and i spent the last hour or so making a microsoft excel file thingy that calculated how much i’m paid for 27, 32, 35, or 40 hours of work in a week (those being the most common times worked). then it tells me how much is put into my 401(k) each week, and how much i get then after taxes. THEN it takes the expenses i’ve figured out and how much i’d want to save up each week for music midtown and comiccon, subtracts that from the total i’d have each week, and makes a running total of how much i’d have saved up after all expenses until i start school in the fall.

it’s very very very elaborate. everything’s all rigged up so one change to any single item in the budget, and my whole summer is laid out financially-wise. but then again, being a magic chalkboard is the point of a spreadsheet, so what am i so amazed about? lol

yep, microsoft excel is my friend. hell, i’d say it’s better than even some games! (there’s even a flight sim that the microsoft engineers once coded into one version of microsoft excel as an easter egg!) either that, or i’m just reallly easily amused. ^_^;

my eyes have been acting weird lately too… feels like a cross between being tired and time to go to bed, or constantly having shampoo in the eyes without actually stinging your eyes. hm… i guess it’s both my eyes being really dry and me needing to get more sleep more often. but when you’re used to going to bed around 1-2 am and your eyes feel sleepylike (but they aren’t getting heavy!) around 11, you don’t want to go to bed, lol ^_^;;

at least i’ve got my eye doctor appointment tomorrow! yay! and this’ll mean i’ll be able to get some new glasses / frames! yippee! ^_^