you'd be "crazy as f***" as well if you craved the college social scene as i do! :P

i could use a hug. i’m feeling so left out of the social scene since i’m not at a college or some similar educational institution where i could go around and meet people (this means mostly and especially girls – i need to make up for all that time of being at an all-guys’ highschool, lol), and instead i’m taking time off. ;_;

ah well, it was my decision anyways…

granted, even when i am in some social situation i don’t really take advantage or initiative with it, but still… it really feels different not being around similarly-aged people much of the time – all the people i work with are in their mid-twenties or older, and always talking about going off to their clubs or bars or whatever. noplace for a 19-year-old to go and join in and have fun (legally), and me being the social reluctant that i am i probably still wouldn’t end up doing much anyways. 😛 like i kinda said in my previous post, some girl could be checking me out but i’d never believe it, ‘cos i don’t think that stuff like that happens to me. ^^;

but, then again, my geek starts to show when i make comments like “so many of the women i know in real life i meet online, it’s as if i have a girl in every port” *rimshot* unfortunately, it’s pretty much the truth… ^^;;;

so, what does this mean? 19-years-old + living with parents + not being surrounded with similarly-aged people = No Fun Socially At All. ^^;;;

i was looking at the interface hall of shame earlier tonight… see, this is what us information systems majors are supposed to prevent, hehe… i sent dan and stu some links from it ‘cos a few were just so ridiculous that you just had to see, lol ^^

got an orthodontist appointment in the morning – yay ^^;