stalker-tyme at work again

stalker-tyme at work again! cute girl came in the store, and survey says (well, i say, anyway), that she was checking me out too. ^__^

but i can never believe that something like that is happening to me. 😛

i wrote down the phone number of this payphone right outside our door, so when i get bored i can give it a call and prank people walking by the store, hehe… one of our salespeople told me that once one guy in the store prank-called that phone and this elderly couple answered, lol… it went something like this…

prank-caller: “hey, i’m with radio station such-and-such, and we’re broadcasting live from the lighthouse in the annapolis harbor center! give us a wave!”

elderly couple: *waves at lighthouse across the shopping center*

prank-caller: “now, you two just won tickets for the annapolis crown movie theaters in the harbor center! just come on over to the theaters to claim your prize!”

elderly couple: “okay!”

apparently they were allowed in to the movies too, lol