katsucon 8

god, i’m such a stalker, lol ^_^;;

which leads me into…

thursday night after i got off of work dan, stu, and i went to dan’s apartment so we could all leave from there and head with dan’s brother off to the convention early friday morning – we ended up gettting at the con at about 11 am or so.


– saw “takeshi’s castle” (a crazy japanese gameshow)… i was able to bootleg about half-an-hour’s worth of it (handy that we were sitting in the front row, hehe). i also talked with a guy they had there from tokyo broadcasting and got info that they’re working on a video release of takeshi’s castle (like a “best of…” tape or something similar), and heard that comedy central might start carrying the show on tv and that either it may be or is currently on game show network at 4 in the morning or so ^_____^

– got lots of stuff (like POCKY! ^__^) in the dealers’ room (more on that later too)

– saw our anime music videos show in the contest ^_^ got them on videotape too. i’d say that about half of the videos were good, while the other half they had in the contest probably shouldn’t have been in the contest. the whole contest was very poorly run, though – they didn’t have any sort of categories for the videos (so they were all just lumped together, and we didn’t have any sort of list with the videos showing or what animes/songs they used until they showed the videos on saturday)

– will and gabe arrived late friday night, so they wandered around mostly ‘cos they weren’t registered for anything until saturday.

– met up with kittenchan and her boyfriend vond and i was able to trade a copy of the otakon 2001 music video contest with them for a drawing that she drew for me ^_^ later we bumped into her again at the art show and she took us to go see the kareoke. on the way to the kareoke, i…

– bumped into my friends that i worked with at tower records: jen (left) and paige (right) and a friend of theirs that i met when i went to paige’s 21st birthday. i had seen a girl earlier in the day that i kept wondering if it was jen ‘cos it looked just like her but a bit taller, but it turned out that that wasn’t jen.

– bumped into k43ru throughout the con – as a prank (and because some girl was asking about it when she saw dan’s pictures in the art show and was willing to pay money to get this information), she wrote our room number on one of the flyers on a messageboard at the con. dan ended up tearing it down 😛 i could have used some fangirls stalking me instead of them for a change >:D


– accidentally slept through the beginning of “my dear marie” (hey! it was at 7:30 am! :P), so i just gave up on going to see it… ^_^;;;

– went to see the music videos again – at least this time they had ballots where you could see what videos were being shown.

– caught half of the anime industry panel and listened to people from the different companies talk about all sorts of stuff

– got even more stuff in the dealers’ room ^_^;

– went to see the iron artist competition… just who is that mysterious chairman kage? ~_^ unfortunately i wasn’t able to meet pockyman in real life during the con ^_^;;

– waited in long a looong loooong time to see the cosplay, which was packed as usual. dan was so bored that he looked like he was stoned. gabe‘s program guide kept him amused. i spent my time turning my styrofoam cup inside out and “stalking” (hee hee) the girl sitting next to us dressed as ryoko from “tenchi muyo” holding someone’s “bondage cabbit” – i got a picture of her the previous day in the dealers’ room, but this time she was wearing a different outfit that ryoko had in the series. and while she was sitting next to us she asked us to guard her bag, and she took something out of it when she ran off to do something and when she did that her katsucon registration form fell out, so now i kinda sorta remember her name ‘n address, lol. >:D pete called me that night and said that i should have asked for her phone number too, but i dunno… i work in a cellphone store all day with people’s phone numbers, so why do i have trouble asking random cute girls for their phone numbers? lol ^_^;; at least i know her name now and kinda know her address and from what i could tell from looking out the window of our hotel room (overlooking the parking lot – how convenient! >:D) she came to the con by herself and was in a grey or silver pickup, hehe. ^_^;;; so just because of all that dan and dave and gabe labeled me a stalker. ^_^;;;;; oh well…

– bumped into jen and and her friends that i had met a few times before again saturday night… just before i walked by jen was saying to them that if they sat in that particular spot long enough then people they know would start walking by, hehe. they were really thirsty but too lazy to get up to go to a water fountain 20 feet away that i brought them a big bottle of water that i had and filled up at another water fountain, and in return i got two anime chocolate bars (“hand maid may” and “gate keepers” if anyone’s wondering), a hug, and a dollar bill that she pulled out of her cleavage (apparently they were thinking of going off to nightshift or some other local stripclub ^_^;) i entered the bill on so maybe you’ll get this bill i once had! ^^

– watched some of the evangelion movies with dan and stu before going back up to the hotel room to sleep

– apparently k43ru came by again after i went to sleep saturday night, and she made dan take a picture of me because i looked cute while i was sleeping ^_^ dan tried to take a picture of her too, but she dodged ^_^;;


– watched the second half of the “macross plus” movie (yes, i slept through the first half ^_^;;)

– checked out of the hotel room

– finished up buying loot at the dealers’ room

– saw bits and pieces of the charity auction, the art auction, and stayed to watch the closing ceremonies as well. while the music videos that dan, stu, or i submitted won, i’m glad that the ones that did win won (3rd place: “my obnoxious neighbors” using “stoopid” by snot set to my neighbor totoro, 2nd place: “sweet transvestite” from “rocky horror picture show” set to various, 1st place: “all star” by smashmouth set to “irresponsible captain tylor”)

and then headed straight home! with all my loot i picked up in the dealers’ room! like…

a cowboy bebop t-shirt

an otakon 2002 t-shirt when i pre-registered

a katsucon 2002 t-shirt

a pack of cowboy bebop figurines

a battery-operated car with lupin and jigen in it

a pack of keychains with different characters from lupin iii series… but no jigen! ^^;

a bunch of soundtracks


of course, over the course of the weekend there were many cosplayers that i got pictures of…

friday’s cosplayers:

the men in black from “serial experiments lain”

julia and faye from “cowboy bebop”

ryoko from “tenchi muyo” in costume #1

excel and hyatt from “excel saga”

dorothy and roger smith from “the big o”

saturday’s cosplayers:

fujiko and lupin iii from “lupin iii”

punch and judy from “cowboy bebop”

a giant mech… not sure what it’s from, but it was in a skit about final fantasy 7…

ryoko from “tenchi muyo” again now in costume #2 and holding “bondage cabbit” which someone passing by had made, lol

rabi~en~rose from “digi charat” and again with dijiko, also from “digi charat”

sunday’s cosplayers:

lupin iii again! different cosplayer, though ^_^

spike, ein, and faye from “cowboy bebop” – i think i made a better spike, though ^_^;

deedlit from “record of lodoss war”

and that was my weekend ^_^